10 July 2012

Pink hair, erotic novels, video games - and hi. ♥

This post has nothing to do with anything. I just want to post. I also want to share the photos I took earlier today..I think that's a good enough excuse for a random blog post at 3am. ;)

I've decided...to take a short break from posting YouTube covers. Although I enjoy performing covers, and know that singing covers has brought me recognition, love and fans from around the world thanks to the internet ~ I want to concentrate on what's dearest to my heart, which is my original music. I know that those of you who truly support me as a musician and an artist, know where I'm coming from and back me 100%, and I'm grateful for that. I want to be well known for my own music as well as my covers, I don't want to feel that my covers overshadow the work I put into my original songs...which I'm quite proud of.

So just know that I love you guys, and don't worry ~ I won't stop doing covers forever, but for now...I'll be concentrating on my original songs and EP.


My day has been peaceful ~ I watched 'The World's Fastest Indian' earlier and it was such a wonderful movie! Very inspirational and I definitely recommend it to anyone who has a dream...it'll warm your heart. My favourite quote from the movie was:

"If you don't follow through on your dreams, you might as well be a vegetable."

Truth. Someone responded to me when I posted this on Facebook by writing that they'd like to be an onion...but I personally think carrots are best type of vegetable ever.

Random Sabi fact: as a kid, I think I had some kind of addiction to carrots. I would eat them all the time, and uncooked (don't like them much cooked, totally kills the flavour in my opinion). I still find them super yummy, and writing this makes me want to go downstairs and raid my fridge for some, haha. Carrots are good for your eyes too..so no wonder my eyes are still doing well even after all these years of late night typing on a brightly-lit Macbook Pro in a dark room. Ah, the life of a night owl...well now I'm just rambling. Type-rambling. :P

Why do I have 'erotic novels' in my blog title you ask? Well because I've recently learnt about this little book called "Fifty Shades of Grey", which I really want to read out of curiosity. Every woman on the planet is reading it apparently and I wonder why...this erotic literature must be pretty epic if everyone suddenly wants in on it, HAHA. When I mentioned this book, a few immediately commented that I should avoid it simply because I'd suddenly become like every other woman on the planet. ERRRRR, well last time I checked I have boobs and a vagina therefore, I AM like every other woman on the planet. I really don't like it when people hate on something just because it's popular - I see another pet peeve developing.

I'm planning to have a complete hermit-style gaming day sometime this week...there are tons of games I want to get into which I've never played before including: Max Payne 2 (loved 1 & 3), and Minecraft. A few more of course, but those are the first two that spring to mind right now. Feel free to leave me your gaming recommendations. I think it's time for bed now.

Bye guys!