27 February 2012

Sailor Mercury Cosplay & Hyper Japan 2012!

Hello my beautiful blog readers! It's been a while since my last update, so I have a lot to write about! As you all know, I've been preparing for my latest cosplay for a while now and as you can see from the title: I went to Hyper Japan 2012 as Sailor Mercury, and I absolutely loved it!

So before I go into detail regarding my cosplay and the Hyper Japan event, I'm actually in a SUPER mood right now! (Been singing non-stop due to my excitement lol!) ..Today I received an unconditional offer from my chosen University to study Games Design/Sound Design. OMG. You guys who follow me know I started the application process a while back, so I was SO excited when I received the news. I'm super happy to start my studies in September. Due to privacy reasons and the fact that I don't want to expose all my personal information, I won't state the full name of the course or the University around the internet. Haha, sorry my lovelies! But I don't want to risk having any stalkers in the future (lmao)! I don't know how much MORE popular my YouTube channel will become in the years to come, so it's best to be cautious! :)

So now that I've shared this splendid news, let me share my Sailor Mercury cosplay photos with you all! Haha, as usual my boyfriend Seb was my wonderful photographer!

Super cute poses time, haha! ^_~

I think I got the hang of it! 

My dog Douglas was with us during our mini photoshoot! ^_^

My "gazing into the distance" pose!

So yes! Those are the photos we took yesterday! What do you guys think?! ..I was so happy with my costume, and I have my mum to thank for it all! Thank you mum! Your skills are amazing! I totally think we should start a cosplay costume company now! Haha! But seriously, I think my beautiful mum has a lot of talent! ^_^

So on to Hyper Japan! Sebastian, my friends and I attended the event on Saturday (Feb. 25) and it was so awesome! We had an epic time! I must say, it was definitely better than last year! The venue was bigger, there were more stores, more cosplayers, bigger gaming sections, better shows, yummier food, everything! Haha~ only thing I wish there was: more Final Fantasy stuff! Unfortunately, this year there wasn't a Square Enix Merchandise store! (Sad face.) But nonetheless we had a wonderful time, and tons of laughs! 

Of course, fulfilling my duty as an awesome youtuber and vlogger (haha!) I recorded a vlog for you guys! So feel free to join us on our wonderful outing by watching my vloggie! The link to the video will be at the bottom of this post! ^_^

So we started off our day by running late! LOL. First, my friends and I planned to meet at 11.30am, nice and early because we were worried about coming across huge annoying queues! (Last year, the queue was horrific and we had to wait an hour to get in.) ..But we soon changed our meet up time to 12.30pm...but I didn't arrive till 1pm. Ahem, I totally blame Sebastian!! ..I was totally ready on time and was happy to leave, when he started complaining that my skirt was too short ROFL. Men. So I ended up changing into some leggings before I left (which I swiftly removed as soon as I arrived at the event) lol. Come on, who cares..there were tons of revealingly dressed cosplayers there - what I was wearing was in no way revealing in comparison HAHA!

So we arrived, and to our happy surprise, there were no huge annoying queues! Yay! ..We went in straight away and the first place we visited was the gaming section - OF COURSE. I managed to get my hands on a PS Vita...and omg...I really want one! So badly. The screen is just marvelous, it's massive! The visuals are stunning too, it's just a beautiful device! You can watch my friends and I play on the Vitas in my vlog! ^_~

But as soon as we all met up and had taken some cash out from the nearest cash point machine, we went straight to the food section. Food is always the number one priority in our book! Seb ate some yummy noodles with chicken, and I have no idea what I ate...I just know it had chicken in it and it was delicious!

Here's a quick photo my friend took of me! This was towards the end of our day, so I was quite tired from all the fun, shouting (yes, we shouted with excitement a few times lol) and intense walking!

Also, here's a group photo of all of us:

Why is it, that I'm always the tiniest in photos? Haha, super shortie?! 5 ft 1 ftw! xD
PS. My friends are lame because they didn't cosplay. I'm clearly the only cool one, lol!

Here are some more awesome photos:

We just HAD to take photos with Mario. My friend Emmy and I screamed when we saw him, LOL!
I feel sorry for the person in the suit, they must have been fearing for their life! xD

Here's a photo of my friend Akmal and I:

He couldn't help but do a silly face! Hehe~

Here's a photo of me on a motorbike:

LOL. It was so funny when we took this photo 'cause there were 2 dudes behind me, and my friends kept saying how they were being perverted! Hahah~ stupid short skirt makes it difficult to climb on a motorbike! xD ..My friend was like: "Your subscribers are going to increase thanks to this photo." - HAHA, so silly. ^_~

Here are some more photos:

We were chilling after eating. I love them! ^_^

My beautiful friend Emmy, and my short chubby self. LOL. xD

But... wait for it...



Here's another nice photo:

From left to right: Emmy, Seb, J J, and I! ^_^

So I'm going to end this blog post with my vlog! I hope you enjoy watching my lovelies! It was tons of fun to film! 

- Sabi.