17 January 2012

My view on "Internet Romances".

Hey guys! It's been a while since my last update! But no worries, of course I haven't forgotten about my beloved blog, just been busy that's all!

At the beginning of the new year, my main focus was to finish all my university applications and get them sent off, as I'm hoping to go university this year and study Sound Design! Fun, fun, fun! I sent everything off a few days ago, and for now I'll just have to wait and see. I also have to think about all this student loan stuff (university fees are so high!) but nonetheless, the year has had a wonderful start!

The most awesome thing that has happened this month so far, is that I have a new dog! I'm soo happy!! Do you remember the doggie I mentioned and took photos with in my Christmas post? The cute Yorkshire Terrier called Bonnie? Well, she's mine now! After long consideration, her owners decided they could no longer keep her as they have to go abroad a lot, and are not able to give her the attention she needs. Therefore, we happily accepted to keep her, and now she's mine! Yay!  ..I've wanted a Yorkshire Terrier for a very long time now, so this was such wonderful news, and I know Bonnie will live a very happy life with me as her owner! ^_^

In other news, Sebastian is currently in Colombia visiting family and I miss him SO much. We've been chatting on Skype every evening since he left, but I still miss him like crazy. -SAD TIMES- But apart from that, I've been fabulous!

Now that my mini personal update is over, I'd like to move on to the topic of this post: "Internet Romances". Now, isn't this an interesting one!? I was inspired to write about this, because I've come across a lot of people admitting their internet loves or crushes to me. So I wanted to write about my personal experiences with internet romances and what I think of them in general.

I began my internet journey at quite a young age, and I still remember my first internet romance quite well. Haha! The term "internet romance" sounds so silly doesn't it? But I know anyone who's a frequent internet user and part of my generation, would've gone through something similar at one point or another. Whether it involved seeing someone's cute photo on Facebook and chatting to them frequently and developing a little crush, or actually having an online bf/gf AND TAKING IT SERIOUSLY - and believe me, I've heard stories like these!

So anyway, moving on to my first 'romantic' internet experience. I would say I was around 13, and the reason I remember this is because Final Fantasy X was due to be released in Europe very soon. (Yes, the game is relevant to my story!) So one day, as the nerd I was and still am, I was searching around video game forums for any information regarding the game. I don't remember the small details, (as my memory is hazy now) but I suddenly started chatting to a guy on the forum who was a big Final Fantasy fan like myself! (Oooh we had something in common! Well obviously, we were on a FF forum lol!). Soon enough, he asked to add me on msn - nowadays, more commonly known as Windows Live Messenger. Do you guys remember msn in those days? So old school! (Moving on before I go off on a tangent) So yes, we started chatting on msn. I remember that I would chat to this guy probably every evening! We became like best internet buds or something, and we were clearly developing a crush. So one day, whilst we were happily chatting away about Final Fantasy or something similar I presume, we agreed that we should send each other a photo of ourselves! So I remember excitedly deciding on what photo to send to him. I recall that shortly after seeing his photo, I was a little disappointed, and I think he was too. HAHAHAHA, I'm not gonna lie, I wasn't the prettiest of girls at 13/14 years of age. Ugly duckling much?! ..But we actually continued chatting, and we were internet friends for a long time...but of course, over time we lost contact...and yes, that was my first glimmer of an internet romance/friendship!

The years passed, and of course all of these social networking sites had become hugely popular such as Hi5 (who even uses that anymore?), Bebo (lol), Myspace (it died) etc. and my second most prominent internet romance happened when I was around 16 years old. You guys must be thinking, damn this girl had no life as a teenager hahaha! Don't worry, I had a happy and healthy teenage life..but let me continue with my story. (Writing this is actually very amusing to me.) I believe the romance originated on Myspace, and we somehow ended up on each other's Instant Messaging contact list. I remember this random guy being on my list for ages and we never actually chatted, and one day the conversation began! We chatted for hours, and I remember it being a very amusing conversation and he clearly had a big sense of humour. I've always liked people with a sense of humour, so I liked him immediately. We then began to chat very frequently, and not just by text, but we'd also chat on camera, and exchange photos. He was actually about a year older than me at the time, but we got along fantastically. He was from London like me, so we had things in common, and one day the big plunge came along when we decided to meet up! NO NO, DON'T START THINKING, OMGOMGOMG HE COULD BE A MURDERER/PSYCHO/STALKER. I am still alive and writing this, so don't worry, he was none of the above. Haha! So moving on...I clearly remember the day when I was going to meet him, I was very nervous! A ton of thoughts were jumping through my head: What if he's weird in person!? What if I don't like him anymore?! What if, what if!? ..He had described what he was going to be wearing, so I looked around until I spotted a guy sitting down, listening to music - and I immediately recognised him. 'OMG IT'S HIM!' I thought, and then I slowly proceeded to walk up to him in a calm manner (despite the fact that I was actually really nervous) ...I remember the first thing he done was give me a massive hug! It was actually very sweet...and my nerves quickly melted away! He was actually the same wonderful guy he was online! He was funny, easy to talk to, sweet, kind! Did I still have a crush? No. Did I feel any chemistry? No. Nothing. Nil. Zero. I just saw him as a friend. The crush had well and truly DIED. LOL.

Now, this is exactly a point I want to get at, regarding internet romances....

You may have a crush on someone when you're chatting to them online, seeing their pictures, maybe seeing them on camera, but unless you are physically in their presence...you cannot guarantee you will feel the same once you see them. Through a computer, you cannot, I repeat cannot truly tell whether you have romantic chemistry with this person. Also remember, when you chat to someone online, they usually always only put their best traits forth, so the person they are displaying to you, ISN'T a realistic interpretation of their personality. Come on, everyone on the internet seems amazing! No one is gonna type on Twitter (unless they're really weird): "Oh hey! Today I had diarrhoea and was vomiting and look like shit!" - and then proceed to take a photo of themselves for the world to see. ERRRR, NO. (Yes, I know that's an extreme example LOL!!!) But the point I'm trying to get at is - everyone puts their best personal image forth. We all post the prettiest/nicest pictures of ourselves, and if we want someone to like us, of course we're going to write the most lovely things, and not show the negative and realistic sides of our personality to them. So yes, beware people. Trust me, I have tons of people on my YouTube channel - who after seeing me in my videos, have proclaimed their undying love to me, and I BET if they saw me when I wake up in the morning, their dreams would be miserably shattered! The thought of that is actually so funny lol!! :') ..But yeah, moving on to my next example!

My next example is when I was around the same age. From when I was about 15, I got into an online MMORPG called Maplestory. I was literally obsessed with this game, and I honestly blame my best friend at the time, who introduced me to it..but it was definitely fun times haha! I would play it probably every day after school (terrible!) lol. So yeah, shortly after beginning to play this game, I began to get a lot of requests from male players to become their girlfriend. My first reaction to this was: 'Lol wtf, what's the point? :P' ..Because honestly, when you think about it, what's the point of having a boyfriend or girlfriend in an ONLINE GAME lol. But one day I accepted, and I SAW THE POINT: to get FREE ITEMS, YAYYYY! LOL ...No but seriously, some of these guys on Maplestory were fun to play with and if they wanted to be my boyfriend in the game, then sure why not? It's just a game, nothing serious, just for silly fun! Haha~

So then I proceeded to have tons of in-game boyfriends....lol. I remember I once had two at the same time and one found out and I got majorly DUMPED, and I deserved it. LOL. Then one day, I decided, oh screw Maplestory boyfriends, how stupid and what a waste of time. When shortly after, I started playing with a guy who was actually very nice! Soon enough, he became my last Maplestory boyfriend....he was probably my Maplestory boyfriend for the last 2 years that I played the game HAHA! Oh and no, I did NOT cheat on him in the game... (No idea what actually constitutes to cheating in a game...lol). But yeah, we even got MARRIED in the game... (His idea, not mine....but yes I accepted, haha! It was actually very fun! Yes, you can marry in Maplestory, and don't ask me why you can do this LOL.)

Here's a screenshot he sent me after the marriage, and I still have it after all these years, so cute! HAHA! Look:

Our characters are the ones with the heart around us, haha!

Here are more screenshots of us:

I would just like to point out, that my past Maplestory "boyfriend", has me on Facebook and has my email and we still occasionally chat every few months! He seems like a lovely person in real life. :)

So what is my final verdict on internet romances? Don't go there. Haha, I'm not trying to be mean and shatter people's dreams (especially those who are "in love" with someone online). Of course I've heard of love stories of people meeting on the internet and actually finding their "soulmate". But in general, I recommend that you don't go there. Stick to the traditional "real life" methods of finding the love of your life. I think that the internet is a very deceiving place in many ways, and it's easy to form your own illusions of people. I'm naturally a very romantic person, and in general, when it comes to love I'll always be the one saying: GO FOR IT! (No matter how unrealistic the situation!) But after much contemplation, I came to the conclusion that internet romances in general are very dysfunctional of normal human interaction and actually creates more of a barrier between two people rather than unite them. For example, you may get SO used to someone online, that when you actually meet them in person it's no longer "normal" for the two of you, as you're so used to not being in each other's physical presence. That's not right. I think we should continue using the internet as a means to network and to meet lots of interesting people around the world, but don't ever involve yourself romantically or become attached to someone without knowing them in person first!

I love the internet, simply because it has allowed me to meet wonderful people who I really consider my friends. But don't cross the boundary into romance ever, especially not on an internet basis, it's usually bad news. If you really do love someone on the other side of the world and it's through the internet, then I wish you the best of luck and I hope you're not disappointed. I've found true love in the real world, and I'd like to keep it that way.

Until next time, thanks for reading guys!

Wait! Before you go, here's my latest youtube video! :)

Hope you like it my lovelies! 

- Sabi.