2 August 2016

✿ Life Update ✿

Hey all! It's been a few months since I last posted here and I felt like my blog was long overdue an update, so here I am! Some of my followers have noticed that I haven't been streaming or uploading videos much these last few months, and the first reason for that is because I've been on vacation for a few weeks now. On the 28th of June I travelled to Norway and will be here until the 9th of August, so I am currently enjoying the last few days of my long summer vacation.

I honestly felt like I really needed this. Before travelling here, I was exclusively streaming and didn't have a regular and stable job like before, and although it can be quite fun to spend most of your days gaming and interacting with your supporters, I was starting to get very bored. I spent a lot of time indoors, and even if I occasionally went out to see family/friends or go shopping, it just wasn't enough for me. My friend offered for me to come over and stay with them in Norway for the summer, and I jumped at the opportunity, and I'm truly glad that I did! I've recharged my mental batteries, I'm feeling energized and above all, I've had fun and made a lot of great memories.

I haven't posted a music cover in over 3 months either, and one of the main reasons for that is because I was prioritising streaming at the time, and wasn't feeling particularly musically inspired. I do miss it though. For that reason, when I return home I am planning to once again put my music-making at the forefront of my priorities. I will still continue streaming of course, but it will be a lot less than before. One of the main reasons why I was streaming daily at the start of this year was because I love to do it of course, but also because my goal was to become a full-time streamer, I wanted it to eventually become a stable source of income that I could rely on. Everyone wants to do something they love for a living right? It was going moderately well, but too slow for my circumstances. Therefore before I left for Norway, I went to an interview for a job at an Estate Agency, and after arriving here I was informed that I got the job! So although this is great news for me as I will have a stable income once again, it does mean that I will have less time for streaming as I will be working full-time when I return home.

Some of you may be wondering, if you've been away from home for over a month, where are your bunnies!? Don't worry, Nami and Lulu are happy and being well looked after by my mum. She regularly sends me photos and videos of them playing in the garden, they have been spending a lot of time outside as the weather has been great this summer back home in London. I'll be seeing them again next week and I can't wait to give them lots of kisses and cuddles! My mum says that she can tell that they miss me, they always jump up on my bed looking for me... poor babies!

Here are some photos I've taken of the gorgeous scenery here in Norway:

Update (8 Aug 2016): Over the weekend I visited lake Storsj√łen. We stayed in a nearby cabin for 3 days, and it was an absolutely wonderful experience. We traversed the lake on boat and even went swimming! The water was pretty cold at times but we jumped in anyway, it was so much fun! I was also happy 'cause I finally got to use the bikini I had packed haha! I took a lot of beautiful photos while I was there:

The nearby fields were so picturesque:

♥ ♥ 

If for some reason you haven't heard it yet, here is the last music cover I posted on my channel:

Expect more musical uploads from me once I am back in London and have settled into my new life schedule! Thank you for your continued love and support, my dear online friends!

- Sabi.